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Project Outputs

red. Dorota Stadnicka


Project Objectives

The aim of this initiative is to bring together excellences in manufacturing research in order to define and deliver the new competences required by future engineers working in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. In particular:

  • New contents and models will be developed with particular emphasis given to the aspect related with a sustainable transition to the digital era.
  • New educational units will be formulated in term of independent learning blocks which can be easily integrated in existing mainstream programs in the domain of industrial, mechanical, production and electrical engineering.

Project Outputs

  • Output 1 -  Mapping and selection of Industry 4.0 contributions eligible for education 

Mabkhot, M.M.; Ferreira, P.; Maffei, A.; Podržaj, P.; Mądziel, M.; Antonelli, D.; Lanzetta, M.; Barata, J.; Boffa, E.; Finžgar, M.; Paśko Ł.; Minetola P.; Chelli R.; Nikghadam-Hojjati S.; Wang V.; Priarone P.C.; Litwin P.; Stadnicka D.; Lohse N. (2021). Mapping Industry 4.0 Enabling Technologies into United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Sustainability 2021, 13, 2560.

  • Output 2 -  Definition of new competences in the domain of Industry 4.0 for different engineering profiles 

Francesco Lupi, Mohammed M. Mabkhot, Miha Finžgar, Paolo Minetola, Dorota Stadnicka, Antonio Maffei, Paweł Litwin, Eleonora Boffa, Pedro Ferreira, Primož Podržaj, Riccardo Chelli, Niels Lohse, Michele Lanzetta (2022), Toward a sustainable educational engineer archetype through Industry 4.0, Computers in Industry, Volume 134,
2022, 103543,

  • Output 3 -  Development of constructively aligned courses in the domain of Industry 4.0 
  • Output 4 -  Validation and improvement of the proposed courses 
  • Output 5 -  Exploitation though Synergies in Education